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Claude Lorrain – Baroque artist

Claude Lorrain – French Baroque artist, engraver, & draughtsman, died on this day the 23rd of November, 1682, in the Papal States, Roma. As we do not have an exact year of birth, it is thought that Lorrain was in his late seventies/early eighties when he died. Throughout his career, Lorrain made many works of art depicting mythological,… Read on

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Paul Armesto Art

Over the past few months and years, I’ve been fortunate to get to know many very talented individuals who have a great appreciation for the beauty of the past – be it in literature, music, art, and one of these individuals is Paul Armesto. Mr. Armesto is a very talented artist currently based in New York City, though… Read on

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Death of Nicolas Poussin

One of my favourite painters from the Seventeenth Century – Nicolas Poussin – died on this day 19th November, 1665, in Rome. I thought I’d share a few of my favourite paintings of his, courtesy of the amazing I was fortunate that, during my time in college, I had the opportunity to study with a painter who… Read on

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William Hogarth

Hogarth is synonymous with the Eighteenth Century, but he was, in fact, born in the Seventeenth. Therefore, in honour of his birth, which occurred on this day the 10th of November, 1697, we shall have a look at some of his most popular and influential works of art. Hogarth was a satirist and an artist, who dealt mainly… Read on

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Handsome 17th Century Men

Quite a number of people are finding this blog by searching for “portraits of handsome 17th century men,” and since I don’t wish to disappoint by not having an entry about this, here we are! 1. Arnold Joost von Keppel, Earl of Albemarle: I find Arnold the most aesthetically pleasing of all the portraits I’ve ever seen from… Read on

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“The Lost Prince – The Life & Death of Henry Stuart”

I visited the National Portrait Gallery yesterday to attend the “The Lost Prince – The Life & Death of Henry Stuart.” For those who plan on visiting, please do, but perhaps you shouldn’t read more below, as I’ve written this mainly for people who live abroad and will not be able to go to the exhibition. I was… Read on

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Canaletto – A Venetian Master

Master Baroque landscape painter, Giovanni Antonio Canal, aka “Canaletto,” was born on this day the 28th of October, 1697, in Venice. His use of colour is remarkable and sometimes even photo realistic. Look at the incredible amount of detail in the boats, in lighting, the distance – everything done to a very high quality. I remember pathetically trying… Read on

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Happy Birthday, Sir Christopher Wren!

One of the greatest architects of the Seventeenth century, Sir Christopher Michael #Wren, was born on this day 20 October, 1632. So, what were some of the structures Wren designed? Hampton Court Palace, Baroque side, for William & Mary Kensington Palace (it was converted from the smaller Nottingham House to Kensington House). Old Royal Naval College (then a Royal Hospital for… Read on

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Sir Godfrey Kneller (1646-1723)

I love Godfrey Kneller. Kneller was a German painter and an exceptionally good painter, in my opinion, and a worthy successor to Peter Lely as a painter to the nobility. Why? His portraits of some of the most influential and important people of the Seventeenth century provide us with fascinating visuals of that beloved time. He’s kinda cute.… Read on

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The Death of Jacob Jordaens

Jacob #Jordaens, exceptionally talented Flemish #Baroque painter, died on this day 18th October, 1678. Here is his depiction of the Madonna with Child and Flowers. Simply beautiful.

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Nicolas de Largillière

Nicolas de Largillière, French Baroque painter famous for his portraits, was born on this day the 10th of October, 1656, in Paris, France. Largillière painted many important figures of his day, including famous wit and philosopher Voltaire, and diamond merchant, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier. Here is a lovely video with images by Largillière and music by Marin Marais:          

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Remembering Rembrandt

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, better known simply by his forename, Rembrandt, died on this day the 4th of October, 1669. During his life, the Dutch Republic, aka the United Provinces, was in its Golden Age (gouden Eeuw) and this region prospered not only economically, but culturally – with some of the most beautiful works of Baroque art being… Read on

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Gerbrand van den Eeckhout

Gerbrand van den Eeckhout, Dutch Golden Age painter, died on this day September 29th, 1674.

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“The Exchange of Princesses” – Rubens

This beautiful, and lesser-known work of Baroque artist Peter Paul Rubens, represents the marriage of Anne of Austria to Louis XIII of France and also the marriage of Phillip IV of Spain. Surrounded by deities and gods from classical mythology, one princess is being guided towards France, the other towards Spain, and thus do we have the exchange. Note… Read on

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“The Wild, The Beautiful, & The Damned” Exhibition

Historic Royal Palaces have put on a brilliant exhibition at Hampton Court Palace of the decadence of the late Stuart court. I had a good chat with curator Brett Dolman about the exhibition and we both agreed that the Late Stuart period has been overlooked by many. He and his team did an excellent job of bringing the… Read on

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“Judith Slaying Holofernes” – Artemisia Gentileschi

This powerful, violent, bloody painting by Artemisia Gentileschi is an excellent example of Baroque art. It is currently located in il Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte, Napoli, Italy. If you’d like to learn more about Artemisia, click here:

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April Love by Arthur Hughes

Arthur Hughes, best known for his haunting depiction of Shakespeare’s Ophelia, creates another beautiful painting here in his work entitled, “April Love.” It is an oil on canvas work and done in accordance with the Pre-Raphaelite movement, of which I am so fond. It is hard to notice but the young woman is weeping – tears are visible… Read on

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“Seventeenth Century Lady” by William Merritt Chase

Image: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.     This painting by William Merritt Chase is called, “Seventeenth Century Lady.” Why, I do not know, for the dress is definitely not 17th century, it is from the 19th century.

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