Hear ye! Hear ye!

Andrea is currently working on the following:

    •  William & Mary: A Biographical Novel (looking for literary agency representation)
    • Screenplay for FOREVER AMBER (based on the novel by Kathleen Winsor).
    • The Actress & the Slave [WORKING TITLE]: set in the seventeenth century, and follows the life of a fictional Restoration actress and her love – who is kidnapped by Barbary Pirates and enslaved.
    • The Venetian Monk [WORKING TITLE]: Set during the 1630s plague outbreak in Venice. Stems from my short story Paolo & Francesca, which I submitted to the HNS Conference 2016.

If you’d like to buy my previously published books, such as His Last Mistress, The Stuart Vampire,  The Chambermaid (Part of the Steel & Lace Anthology), The Stuarts in 100 Facts, and A  Year in the Life of Stuart Britain, you can order them from your local bookshop, or, via numerous online sellers.