Paul Armesto Art

Over the past few months and years, I’ve been fortunate to get to know many very talented individuals who have a great appreciation for the beauty of the past – be it in literature, music, art, and one of these individuals is Paul Armesto.

Mr. Armesto is a very talented artist currently based in New York City, though he was originally from Europe and has travelled extensively. What I found striking about his work is that he respects and values the art from the past, especially Renaissance – Early Modern art (such as Baroque) and this shows in his artwork.

I’ve rarely met someone who enjoys both the same kind of music and the same kind of art as I do; so, naturally, it’s an honour to know him. He sent me a lovely drawing of myself in Late Seventeenth century attire and it was so skillfully done that I would like to share it with you all now:

“Andrea Zuvich – The Seventeenth Century Lady” by Paul Armesto, 2012.

I was obviously extremely flattered by this! It’s so lovely.

If you enjoy traditional art as I do, I recommend you have a look at Mr. Armesto’s website, where you can see many more of his works of art:

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