Ham House & Gardens, Ham

Here I am at the amazing Ham House in Ham, Richmond-upon-Thames.


This magnificent home was built by a courter for James I, and extensively renovated for the Duke and Duchess of Lauderdale and is a fine example of 17th century architecture. Lucky for all of us visiting on that day, it was a beautiful, sunny summer’s day when I travelled here.

“After dinner I walked to Ham, to see the House & Garden of the Duke of Lauderdale, which is indeede inferior to few of the best Villas in Italy itselfe, The House is furnish’d like a greate Princes; The Parterrs, flo: Gardens, Orangeries, Groves, Avenues, Courts, Statues, Perspectives, fountaines, Aviaries, and all this at the banks of the sweetest river in the World, must needes be surprising, &c.”

–  John Evelyn, Diary, 27th August, 1678.

As you can see, John Evelyn was spot on with his entry about Ham House – it’s so beautiful. I was unable to take more photos inside as it was not permitted, but you can get an idea of how lovely this place is. The garden had lavender, the scent from which permeated the air and made the experience all the more romantic.

For more information about Ham House: http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/ham-house/ and you can follow them on Twitter @hamhousegarden

For a great article on the history of Ham House: http://www.historytoday.com/robert-beddard/ham-house

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