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Restoration Sallets

Salads, or sallats/sallets, are lovely and usually really healthy, and the information we have from the late 1600s showed their increasing popularity upon the Restoration table. The most rudimentary study of the history salads would lead one to John Evelyn’s Acetaria, which was first published in 1699. This was an extraordinary book, pretty much the first of its… Read on

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Lucy Walter – Charles II’s Welsh Beauty

One of Charles II’s earliest great passions, Lucy Walter, sometimes Lucy Barlow, a Royalist exile of Welsh ancestry who became his bedfellow (possibly his wife) and then the mother of his son, James, the future doomed Duke of Monmouth. Lucy, born around 1630, was considered to be a stunningly beautiful, but quite vapid, woman. The image that has comes… Read on

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Elegant Evelyn

John Evelyn is my favourite diarist of the 17th century. Why? He calmly noted things that happened, what he observed, with none of the high marital drama that Samuel Pepys recounted in his diary. Also, he was far more prolific in his writing than the far more popular Pepys – he travelled extensively for a man of his… Read on

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The Liberty Bounds – A Pub Full of History

This is one of my favourite pubs in London because it’s a good place to get some pub grub, well-kept real ale and the location…the location is amazing! It’s right on Tower Hill, with a view of the Tower of London, next to Tower Hill tube station and the gloriously beautiful Trinity Square (one of the best bits… Read on

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Ham House & Gardens, Ham

Here I am at the amazing Ham House in Ham, Richmond-upon-Thames.   This magnificent home was built by a courter for James I, and extensively renovated for the Duke and Duchess of Lauderdale and is a fine example of 17th century architecture. Lucky for all of us visiting on that day, it was a beautiful, sunny summer’s day… Read on

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