Space Shuttle Discovery

It was a beautiful sunny day here on the coast of Florida, ideal weather for a space shuttle launch. I truly admire the many scientists, engineers, and workmen whose dedication and hard work have contributed to such informative, and thus, successful missions. I have been fortunate enough to have met several former NASA employees, all who have fascinating stories about the hardships and joys that came as a result of working in such a field. Last semester I took a course with a current NASA engineer and historian who had our class participate in historical analyses of the local region and the people who helped shape it into what it is today. I am sad, though, that the space shuttle program will soon be at an end. But, when it does, we all need to remember what all astronauts and cosmonauts did for science and for humanity. From Sputnik to Project Gemini, Challenger to the glorious Apollo missions; we cannot forget the greatness that was, and is, space exploration.

For more information, click here for the official NASA website.

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