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The 17th Century Lady Looks Back at 2013

I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by, but when I stop to think about everything that’s happened in it, it’s no wonder! I’d like to thank those of you who have supported me and The Seventeenth Century Lady since the beginning in 2011 – and to those who have recently started looking at this site… Read on

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Ten Things I Am Grateful For

Wow, it’s already the last day of the August Blog Challenge. This has been such an interesting month of blogging, and I think you know me better than before. Things I am grateful for now: My family. I’ve always been grateful for them. They really rock. My “fans” – apparently, I can say this now! Really, these people… Read on

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A Funny Memory – Tea at the Brown’s Hotel

“Sugar please!” Uh oh. It’s all coming back to me now… Today’s Challenge topic is to tell you all about something funny. I thought it was funny, you might not, but I still laugh when I think of it. It was summer, perhaps June, maybe July of 2001 when I went to the United Kingdom for the first… Read on

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My favourite photo of myself

Continuing on with the August Challenge set up by Natalie, today’s topic is ” Selfie! Share a favourite photo of yourself or take a new one”   Without sounding horrendously arrogant, my favourite photo of myself is the one above, which was taken at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, because: 1. I don’t look like my usual bespectacled,… Read on

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Ten things that make me smile

1. Books! 2. My family 3. Random acts of kindness 4. Roses 5. People reading in the library instead of playing video games. 6. Men offering me their seats on the train/bus (i.e. chivalry). 7. Music (mostly works made before the 20th century). 8. Art (anything before 1905 – I loathe modern art with a passion). 9. Daydreaming about… Read on

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A Recent Dream

Today’s August Blog Challenge is to describe a recent dream. Well, since I can’t mention the most recent one – too private, *ahem* – so, I will instead tell you about a reoccurring dream I’ve had since I was a little girl… I’m suddenly in a clearing in a forest, surrounded by lush green trees and there are… Read on

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When I was 21

Continuing with the August Blog-A-Day Challenge, today’s post is all about when I was twenty-one, which mostly fell upon 2007. It was a bittersweet year, one which made me question so much. I questioned my views on relationships, and even my love of history was put in jeopardy. I was in my first year at university, the third… Read on

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Three smells that bring back memories

Orange Blossom – Orange Blossom has become the most important flower scent for me. I lived in Florida from age ten to twenty-three and my backyard in Rockledge had two large orange trees and one grapefruit tree. Every year, the orange blossom would appear with its gorgeous white flowers and the unmistakeable sweet fragrance. I used to sit reading… Read on

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The Bucket List – Three things that I am yet to achieve

1) Get a home of our own. My husband – once one of the top ActionScript Flash developers in the UK – technically lost his job after Steve Jobs decided to stop supporting Flash on Apple products. The recession hit us hard. We had to sell our flat in London and now are renting from the family up… Read on

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The Bucket List – Three Things I’ve Achieved

I’m a bit late coming onto the August Blog A Day Challenge, but I’ve been wanting to join in. So, here’s my first contribution about the three things I’ve achieved. 1) Becoming a historian. Ever since I was about nine, and was handed my first David Starkey book, about Henry VIII’s Six Wives, I knew I wanted to… Read on

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