Johann Georg Pisendel

Johann Georg Pisendel, German Baroque composer/musician, was born on this day 26 December, 1687, and so that makes him today’s Baroque Birthday Boy!

Image: MUSICO Reizen

Image: MUSICO Reizen

Born close to Nuremburg, Germany, Pisendel was born into an already musical family (which always helps) and he grew to become an exceptionally accomplished violinist and composer. He met and worked with some of the greats of Baroque, including the likes of Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Philipp Telemann, Johann David Heinichen, Jan Dismas Zelenka, and Antonio Vivaldi! Pisendel’s music is your standard Baroque – beautiful, soulful, with Vivaldi-like violin solos and the magical tinkle of the harpsichord. Once again, it’s often best to hear it for yourself.

Here is Pisendel’s “Sinfonia (Sonata) for 2 oboes, strings & b.c. – Part 2”

Next we have Pisendel’s “Violin Concerto in D major:”

As you can hear, Pisendel was firmly encamped in the middle to late Baroque movement, and his music is very pleasing indeed. He died in 1755 after a successful career – one that inspired the next generation of composers.

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