Simon Vouet

Simon Vouet, French painter who helped usher in the elaborate Italian Baroque style of painting into France, was born on this day the 9th of January, 1590.

Self-Portrait by Simon Vouet, circa 1615

King Louis XIII’s wife (and King Louis XIV’s mother) Anne of Austria posed for Vouet in this next painting, where she is depicted as Minerva:

“Allegorical Portrait of Anna of Austria as Minerva” by Simon Vouet


St. Mary Magdalene, by Simon Vouet, circa 1623

“The Rape of Europa,” by Simon Vouet, c. 1640

As you can see, Vouet was exceptionally talented and is a great example of the lush Baroque period. The last image above reminds me of Botticelli’s work in the form of the foot, encased in golden sandal, and the ground and the flowers here and there.

See the Complete Works of Simon Vouet.

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