Lady Frances Cavendish at Bolsover Castle

My lovely friend Matthew (famous on Twitter as @HistoryNeedsYou) asked if I’d come along and participate in a 2 day Bank Holiday living history event at Bolsover Castle. As Bolsover is in Derbyshire that was not too far away for me in Lancashire, so my husband very kindly drove me there. I was able to finally use the 1670s dress I had made for the Festival of History (which was sadly cancelled) so I was quite happy as a result. My role was that of Lady Frances Cavendish, daughter of the famous Cavalier William Cavendish. There isn’t a good website about her, so if you’d like to learn more about Lady Frances, please read “Cavalier” by Lucy Worsley.


It is 1670 and the King and his Cavalier Court have come on a visit to Bolsover. The Duke of Newcastle is keen to humour the “Merry Monarch” and has laid on Music, Horse Racing and a scene from a fashionable London play!

10:30: Puppet Punchinella and Old Nol’ Cromwell
11:00 – Tales from the trial of King Charles I
11:30 – Music for King, Courtiers, and commoners performed by Revellion.
12:00 – Cavalry display
12:45 – The King’s Procession
1:00 – Claude Du Vall – the Ladies Delight – a rollicking Highwayman play
1:30 – A Duel!
2:00 – The Bolsover Gallops!
2:30 – Children’s Drill or Meet the King
3:30 – Cavalry display
4:00 – Departure of the King

I have included a few photos, but I’m afraid they are not very clear for some reason:

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