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Bank Holiday fun at Stokesay Castle

Last weekend was a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK. These are usually jam-packed with events of all sorts. Some people enjoy romantic getaways, BBQs with friends (if the weather is good), attend sporting events, go to concerts, and others like to visit historic sites. I fall into the latter category, especially if said historic sites having… Read on

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Ok, ok, so this is not really 17th century, but this dish is a traditional English food. And it is so yummy and fattening and horribly perfect for winter. These photos are from 2008, but it’s the only time I’ve photographed the process (well, bits of it). I don’t make it anymore as I have stopped eating pork,… Read on

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Tudor Kitchens at Hampton Court Palace

In the half of Hampton Court that remains from the Tudor period, there are the world-famous kitchens. Built around 1530, these kitchens were a hub of food preparation activity for over 230 years. Today, food historians and re-enactors sometimes cook historical Tudor fare in front of interested visitors, and it’s wonderful. We all know that Henry VIII had… Read on

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Lady Frances Cavendish at Bolsover Castle

My lovely friend Matthew (famous on Twitter as @HistoryNeedsYou) asked if I’d come along and participate in a 2 day Bank Holiday living history event at Bolsover Castle. As Bolsover is in Derbyshire that was not too far away for me in Lancashire, so my husband very kindly drove me there. I was able to finally use the… Read on

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Baroque Weekend at Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace recently had a Baroque Weekend event and I travelled down from my home in Balham to participate in the activities. At 11 o’clock, we were escorted by Sir Christopher Wren from the Clock Court in the Tudor portion of the palace through to the Baroque palace to await the arrival of King William III and… Read on

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A Night in the 1940s

My husband and I have a lot of friends who do historical re-enactments and we went along to a 1940s-themed party in Shoreditch, London. It would have been more fun had people behaved less like debauched people from the noughties and more like people in the 1940s (i.e. My research and interviews with people who lived in the… Read on

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