‘A Gift from the King’ – a Guest Post by Daniel Williams of King Charles I Return

My name is Daniel Williams. For a year and a half, I have been recreating King Charles I and faithfully bringing him to life to the delight (and sometimes bemusement) of the public. My travels have taken me around the UK from Scotland to Isle of Wight retreading his footsteps & life story. It is a truly magical experience, a voyage of discovery and at times learning about the King’s history in areas I hadn’t even delved into before all adding to the bigger picture of his amazing life.

Williams as King Charles I, outside Althorp House, Northamptonshire, England. All photos in this post belong to King Charles I Return, Daniel Williams.

Studying the King’s ups-and-downs so closely has inevitably created a sharing of his inner emotions along the way…which can sometimes be joyous and – at the other end of the scale – is sometimes extremely hard!

King Charles lived during a highly troubled time where uncertainty was rife and unpredictability the norm. As a man, he was highly spiritual. Nothing truly followed a pattern of what had gone before. It has been said Charles became King at the wrong time. Such that became the tragedy towards the end of his story.

When I first began to recreate him I often wondered what the King himself would make of all my efforts. Would he smile knowing that someone 400 years later had his interests at heart? I’ve prided myself in recreating him in all sincerity & capability… Then one day I may have received my answer…

When gathering ideas for recreating the King I decided part of interpreting his royal image would require some jewellery (especially being a King and wanted people to recognise as such by turning heads). I found a couple of great reproduction rings on Amazon made in China that were truly stunning. One red square diamond stone which glistened in the light and gave a spectacular true air of majesty when wearing. Along with a blue round stone one, it became a fond favourite of mine.

One day whilst about to leave home for an engagement dressed as the King. At the last minute, I decided to polish the red ring. Rather absentmindedly (as I was rushing to leave) I forgot the ring was inside a piece of tissue placed on the side and tossed it down the lavatory thinking it was just rubbish. You can imagine how horrified and mortified I felt upon realising I had flushed away an important bit of costume for recreating the King and one I was terribly fond of. But sadly accepted it’s fate. Over the course of the year, I purchased more rings from Amazon but decided to not replace the original one. Some inner thought was it had gone for a reason. And so I went for different styles and as time went on inevitably forgot about it.

A month ago I woke up and got rather confused whether I had dreamt or imagined something. Both wall sockets by my bedside had been switched off. Strange when I only ever turned off one during the night to extinguish lamp before sleep. I found it rather odd. A ‘scratch your head’ moment. Nevertheless, it prompted me to consider cleaning under my bed one day (not the easiest of tasks with all under it – DVDs and videos mainly!). So the day came in which I decided to clean. Raising mattress from the bed frame, everything appeared covered in a layer of dust (nice!). But amongst all the objects I knew about, I espied something that came as a huge shock! A small black jewellery box exactly the same as the ones I had bought off Amazon from China. The box had no dust on it – to add even more surprise and intrigue.

To my further disbelief, I opened it to discover a brand new ring, tagged size 8 and identical to the one I had accidentally flushed away! I immediately mentally retraced my steps… I never bought two of the same ring and was able to bring up all my Amazon orders to the very day and account for them one by one. All purchases and payments protected by PayPal!

It was only then I realised, along with other occasional nods, I have felt in unusual ways of appreciation, I consider in gratitude for the efforts I am making in his name. 

That this ring was indeed a thank you…..A gift from the King!

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  1. Claire

    What a great little story about the ring, within the big story that is the whole recreation – wonderful insight into what bringing Charles back to life means to you, Daniel. So happy you’re sharing your journey with us all.

  2. Eileen O'Leary

    Great post! And I believe we do get messages (and rings too!) from those who have passed on. I feel King Charles is very pleased with the thoughtful, dignified way you represent him. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. William Gibson

    Excellent indeed ! What an amazing and wonderful treasure this ring is… and seemingly appreciated beyond this world as well as within it !

  4. charles wilbourn

    Mr. Williams! (I mist be formal in consideration of whom you so wonderfully, nobly, and so ably represent: so that I feel indeed the need to call you my King!): I am so pleased that it might be that King Charles of famous memory had, somehow, through mysterious means, has himself presented to you this splendid ring that you, and the King likewise, so unfortunately lost (yet, who can deny the all-so-human characteristic of forgetfulness, and this has affected me, leaving an expensive ipod touch in a plastic bag, and, forgetting it was there, allowed my friend-helper to throw ALL the bags on my desk to be thrown away (I thought all the bags were empty and they were, all but one! I didn’t even have time to set it up, certainly not use it: I had forgotten it! One of my fondest desires was picked up by the sanitation men!)–And I too have had mystic vision, or dreams, of my mom. For some reason they terrified me, happening at night as it was: later I knew the reason why. I had in very fact seen a ghost! I had I think two other visions, or dreams of her, one scared me, the other not. They came at a time when I really NEEDED my mom! And forever I will be grateful to her for the perhaps harrowing, but certainly SHINING, experiences! My best to you, sir!

  5. Mary-Anne Lee

    This is like a Horrible Histories King Charles I but instead he talks a lot more about the ECW and Charles I himself! Absolutely love it. I’m impressed and fascinated!


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