Review: “The Gin Lane Gazette” by Adrian Teal

It’s that time of year again where we all wonder what to give to that special someone, friend, or relative. Enter “The Gin Lane Gazette”…

Image: "The Gin Lane Gazette" by Adrian Teal

Image: “The Gin Lane Gazette” by Adrian Teal

I received my signed copy of “The Gin Lane Gazette” a few days ago and I loved it, and think this would be a wonderful gift to give this holiday season.

What is “The Gin Lane Gazette?” Well, it’s a bawdy compendium of “devilish scandal & oddities from the Darkest Recesses of Georgian England.” It’s jam-packed full of real events that shocked, titillated, and intrigued in the 18th Century, and it is wonderfully illustrated by Teal himself (who is a professional and very talented caricaturist).

Example of a page from “Gin Lane Gazette.”

There are several tasteful nude beauties for the Month of May throughout the book, and many hilarious historical tidbits, including King George II’s demise whilst on the toilet at Kensington Palace! With duels, seductions, elopements with servants, a gluttonous Handel, a learned pig…what more could one ask for?

The book was published by the innovative Unbound publishers, which is based upon the principle of crowd-funding. I was very pleased to support this book, which is an absolute delight. The type-setting, which includes the long S, is wonderful, and helps to draw readers into the past. Reading this book is like a fun journey back into the late 1700s!

My copy of the hardcover version of “The Gin Lane Gazette.”

I defintely recommend it!

You can learn more about this great book here:

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