The Stuart Vampire: Character Inspiration

Hi everyone! I’ve been busy getting my gothic novel, The Stuart Vampire ready in time for its release on Halloween! A few people have been asking for more information, so I thought I would post a few images which helped shape the characters. As several characters are from different times in history, i had a great deal of fun creating them. Here’s a little taste of what’s to come later this month, at which point I will expand this entry.

Henry Stuart, Duke of Gloucester, our hero. Image is from the National Portrait Gallery.

Griselda, the evil Contessa di Cuorenero, really was an amalgamation of a variety of Renaissance images, but these struck me for their closeness to what I have in my head for her. It’s odd though, because the woman in the first image looks very maternal, but Griselda (as you’ll discover) is anything but!

Adolphe de la Fontaine is best summed up with this painting, also by Botticelli:

Susanna Edmonds, our sweet, hard-working, mistreated heroine is probably best illustrated in the following, but with redder hair:

And this lady seemed a good choice for Belinda Edmonds, Susanna’s violent sister-in-law:


You can now purchase The Stuart Vampire:

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