Palais Garnier

Since I was a little girl, I had dreamed of visiting this opera house. The Paris Opera was founded in 1669 by the Sun King, Louis XIV, and was housed at various venues throughout the beautiful city of Paris. The structure behind me in the photo below was made in the nineteenth century and is called the Palais Garnier, as it was designed by young architect Charles Garnier.

Image: Andrea Zuvich.

Why had I dreamt of visiting this beauteous opera house? Well, I have always loved opera and stately, ornate architecture, but I also have been a devotee of The Phantom of the Opera since I was three. I had been listening to the soundtrack to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stage musical since I was a child and then I read the book by Gaston Leroux.

Photo: Andrea Zuvich.

Just look at the gilded decorations, and the amazing sculptures and busts which adorn this grand opera house.

Image: Andrea Zuvich.

A secret fantasy of mine since I was small was to sing an aria upon that old stage. I wasn’t able to go inside on this visit, as we had tickets to see a Donizetti opera at Opera Bastille on the other side of town.

Image: Andrea Zuvich

Visiting the Opera Garnier – A dream come true!

Image: Andrea Zuvich.


For more information, please visit the official website here.

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