My Wedding at Blenheim Palace

I married my best male friend twice – once in Florida and again in England. My mother made my wedding dress – she embroidered everything by hand and applied little pearls on my train. The dress was based on a mixture of Queen Victoria’s wedding dress, some 17th Century ornamentation, and was basically a bit of my favourite eras in history combined.

Photo: John Roan Photography.

I had originally tried to have the wedding at either Kensington Palace or Hampton Court Palace, but both proved to be too expensive for our budget. Then, on a weekend, we decided to visit Blenheim because of its great history. Whilst there, I asked about wedding venues and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could afford to have our wedding in the Marlborough Room. Our photographer was John Roan, from Northampton, and you can see his great skill in the photos below:


Photo: John Roan Photography.

Photo: John Roan Photography.

Below, you can see The Column of Victory:

Photo: Joan Roan Photography. 


There was a stunning painting depicting John Churchill, the 1st Duke of Marlborough, sending word back to his wife, Sarah, about his victory. The Churchills were quite important at the Late Stuart court, as Sarah was a favourite of Princess Anne of Denmark, who later became Queen Anne I.  You can see the painting of the Duke hanging on the wall above the fireplace in the photo below:

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