A Recent Dream

Today’s August Blog Challenge is to describe a recent dream. Well, since I can’t mention the most recent one – too private, *ahem* – so, I will instead tell you about a reoccurring dream I’ve had since I was a little girl…

Sir Galahad, found at Oil Paintings Here

I’m suddenly in a clearing in a forest, surrounded by lush green trees and there are pink roses hanging down from above, and it’s so beautiful, so peaceful, but at the same time I am frightened. But then, a majestic white horse comes along, shimmering, and talks to me and tells me to climb atop it and he takes me through this enchanted woodland and we finally come to a high precipice, overlooking a beautiful valley of green land and blue rivers. At the other side of this lies a huge castle of gold and silver, and whitewashed stones. As I look again at the horse, he’s turned into a prince, and his castle is the one beyond the valley.

And then I wake up. It’s always the same, and I really love it. I’m sure a psychologist would have a field day, but whatever, I enjoy it – it’s like a fairy tale! (And, yep, I’m unashamedly an old-fashioned, very romantic kind of gal, and I love the damsel-in-distress stories). 😀

(I suppose it must have come from being in love with paintings such as these since I was a little girl):

Chivalry, by Frank Dicksee

God Speed, or, A Lady’s Favour by Edmund Blair Leighton

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