The Liberty Bounds – A Pub Full of History

This is one of my favourite pubs in London because it’s a good place to get some pub grub, well-kept real ale and the location…the location is amazing! It’s right on Tower Hill, with a view of the Tower of London, next to Tower Hill tube station and the gloriously beautiful Trinity Square (one of the best bits of architecture in the area, hands down).

This pub is run by Wetherspoon’s, which tries to get information and history from the local area onto the walls – and since this area is particularly chock full of delicious 17th Century history – it’s my kind of place. Check out the lovely things they have on the wall:

Image: Andrea Zuvich.

They unfortunately don’t have the correct number of blows it took to sever the Duke of Monmouth’s head from his body. John Evelyn was in the crowds and witnessed the execution, and he claimed that it took five blows to sever the head. I tend to believe everything that Evelyn said because he was such a decent chap, so I’ll go with his story.

Image: Andrea Zuvich.

Info about the Duke of Monmouth, with a view looking out towards the area where he was beheaded. Image: Andrea Zuvich, 2012.

Image: Andrea Zuvich.


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