Anytime we’re in the Haringey area of London, where my husband used to live, we always go to Gokyuzu for their awesome Turkish food. Oh my gosh it’s so much food and so nice. The bread reminds me of my mom’s homemade bread – her mother Mercedes worked for a Middle Eastern family in Chile and we’ve kept the bread recipe in the family. Anyway, here are some photos. I normally don’t talk about restaurants because it’s not very historical, but if you’re hungry after all that site-seeing and historical research and are around this area, I highly recommend it.

If you *do* want to check out my recommendations about restaurants and hotels, I’m Aerdna1881 on TripAdvisor (since I’m always having to go from one place to the next with work).

Come here and be prepared not to be able to finish the platter. We never do.


It’s definitely one of my favourite restaurants in London, but please be aware that Haringey is a bit of a dodgy, run-down area – so be careful. My husband moved because he was almost mugged, so…

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    1. Andrea Zuvich (The 17th Century Lady) Post author

      Hello, Caroline! Thanks for commenting. That was an Ayran – a Turkish drink made from a blend of plain yoghurt and salt. I had never had it before, so I tried it and I enjoyed it, but I usually go for either a water or a cranberry juice. The food isn’t exactly spicy hot, but spicy flavoursome, if you know what I mean? It’s definitely not hot Indian curry hot!


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