A Double Baroque Birthday!

Two very talented Baroque composers were born on this day October 26th in the 17th century!

The first one was Domenico Scarlatti, Italian Baroque composer, & son of Alessandro Scarlatti, was born on this day 26 October, 1685. 1685 was a big year for the birth of major Baroque composers, such as J.S. Bach and Handel, and this Scarlatti is no exception. Alessandro and Domenico and his younger brother Pietro Fillippo are quite well known – what an amazingly talented family – perhaps on the same level as the Bach family up in Germany at the same time. Domenico was a superb harpsichordist and had several important friends, such as superstar castrato singer Farinelli.



Scarlatti’s Sonatas for Mandolin and Cembalo

To learn more about Domenico Scarlatti, check out: http://www.baroquemusic.org/bqxdscarl.html

Johan Helmich Roman, Swedish Baroque composer, was born on this day 26 October, 1694. As a young man, Roman played oboe and violin and was proficient in both. As his father worked at the Swedish Chapel Royal, he was fortunate to have his natural talent moulded and honed by expert masters of the Baroque such as Bononcini and Handel.
Now, I’m quite disappointed that I had not heard of this gentleman before as he was very talented. Don’t ask me how this huge gap in my composer knowledge happened, but needless to say, it’s been rectified now. I’ve been listening to some serious Roman within the past few days. Hopefully, whoever is reading this may also not have heard of him, so we’ve learned together! (Always a good thing).

Some people apparently call him the “Swedish Handel” and I’m sure you’ll agree when you listen to the following, entitled:

Violin concerto in F minor

This next piece is also quite enjoyable:

Flute Concerto in G-major

To learn more about Roman:http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/artists/993802a2-64e3-46be-99d1-3a8e566d3124

So there we have it. Two exceptional musicians’ births to celebrate today!

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