“On Poet Ninny” by John Wilmot

The following satire was written by John Wilmot, the debauched Earl of Rochester, in 1678. The following is one of the few I can put here (his naughty bits are found in Bawdy House Banter).

Crushed by that just contempt his follies bring
On his crazed head, the vermin fain would sting;
But never satyr did so softly bite,
Or Gentle George himself more gently write.
Born to no other but thy own disgrace,
Thou art a thing so wretched and so base
Thou canst not ev’n offend, but with thy face;
And dost at once a sad example prove
Of harmless malice, and of hopeless love,
All pride and ugliness! Oh, how we loathe
A nauseous creature so composed of both!
How oft have we thy capering person seen,
With dismal look, and melancholy mien,
The just reverse of Nokes, when he would be
Some mighty hero, and makes love like thee.


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