“His Last Mistress” Has a Cover!


I was given permission to share the selected cover with you. What do you think? I’m quite happy. It shows the passion between these two star-crossed lovers well!

You can now buy it!

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Hear ye! 3 thoughts — so far — on ““His Last Mistress” Has a Cover!”:

  1. Susan Johnson

    It’s beautiful, and the focus on her body and a mask instead of their faces implies everything. Attracting readership is a totally valid aim, through which readers will learn about his place in history’s rich pageant … but as a history buff, I must confess that I’m sad the focus can’t be the other way around and garner as many readers. I’m sure Andrea’s story is compelling enough to interest readers in continuing their studies. Goodness knows, there are enough titillating 17th century stories for a novice to gather an appreciation of the importance in world history of the English Civil Wars and the Glorious Revolution.

    1. Andrea Zuvich (The 17th Century Lady) Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Susan – I appreciate your thoughts. I understand what you mean, but, ultimately, I need to try to make it as accessible as possible, even to people who’ve never heard of the characters. Readers will, however, go away with a very good idea of what happened in the Duke of Monmouth’s life and in Monmouth’s Rebellion. No historian could ask for more 🙂

  2. Laura

    Love it!!! This is so exciting!!! You know my reading preferences & the story sucked me in, this cover fits it perfectly & will definitely intrigue anyone who picks up the book.


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