The Allure of the Royal Mistress

My article, “The Allure of the Royal Mistress” is now available on The Huffington Post. Below, I have images of the women I mention in the article:

1) Aspasia, mistress of Pericles:

2) Queen Cleopatra of Egypt:

3) Diane de Poitiers:

4) Anne Boleyn:

5) Nell Gwynn:

Image: © National Portrait Gallery, London. “Eleanor (‘Nell’) Gwyn” by and published by Thomas van der Wilt, 1687

6) Barbara Palmer (Villiers):

© National Portrait Gallery, London. “Barbara Palmer (née Villiers), Duchess of Cleveland.” Lely

7) Madame de Montespan:

8) Madame de Maintenon:

9) Elizabeth Villiers:

10) Wallis Simpson:


I hope you enjoyed the article! 🙂

Hear ye! 4 thoughts — so far — on “The Allure of the Royal Mistress”:

    1. Andrea Zuvich (The 17th Century Lady) Post author

      I try not to mention living historical figures…especially those I run into on occasion 😉
      That, and I had already exceeded my maximum word count allowance! Oops!

  1. Tabitha

    Nicely done! How about the notorious Madame de Pompadour? She’s always fun to read about 🙂 But I’ll forever be a Villiers fan.

    1. Andrea Zuvich (The 17th Century Lady) Post author

      Yes! Indeed, but I had already exceeded the word count I was asked to do. I do have something in mind for a future project though… 😉

      (and thank you!)


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