Hampton Court’s Cavalier Ghosts

Photo: Andrea Zuvich

Photo: Andrea Zuvich

The following is taken, verbatim, from the booklet “Is the palace haunted?: Palace phantoms,” from my most recent visit to Hampton Court Palace. Since many who read this blog may not be able to travel there, I thought I would type this up for your enjoyment and for you to learn about one of the many ghostly sightings Hampton Court is said to have had. No copyright infringement intended.

Case 6. The “Cavaliers”

Location: Fountain Court
As seen by Lady Hildyard
Event: Lady Hildyard complained that the rooms in which she lived were frequently visited by two individual beings. She claimed that she was often disturbed by the sound of knocking in these rooms. When workmen were brought in to lay some new drains, they discovered the skeletons of two men buried under the pavement of the cloister.

Possible explanation: Lady Hildyard and many others believed that the two men were Cavaliers, executed during the Civil War and buried secretly here by the Roundheads. In fact they were the skeletons of two workmen killed when the new apartments collapsed in 1689.”

It certainly is an interesting tale! Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

For more information about ghosts at the palaces, go to the official page from Historic Royal Palaces!

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