A Visit to Exeter Cathedral

I recently went to Exeter to visit some of my husband’s friends and also to do some research at Exeter Cathedral – which is a very impressive cathedral.

© Gavin Orland.

William of Orange (King William III) came here during his progress during the Glorious Revolution of 1688, so it was imperative for my research to come here. I firmly believe in visiting sites, whenever possible, for one’s research.

During our stay we went to an organ recital which was held as a fundraiser for the organ, which is in need of repair. I’m always keen to maintain our culture’s traditions and history and so I donated to the cause. For more about the history of the organs at Exeter Cathedral, click here: http://www.exeter-cathedral.org.uk/worship/liturgy-and-music/exetercathedralorgans.ashx

The interior of the cathedral is very impressive, as you can see below:

As you can probably tell from the images, the audience was comprised mostly of older people. I was the youngest person there, which I found rather sad, as it is up to us – the youth of society to preserve our heritage.

Want to visit Exeter Cathedral? Here’s the website: http://www.exeter-cathedral.org.uk/visiting/visitorsinformation.ashx

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