Welcome to the new blog!

I know I had only recently made my previous blog publicly viewable, but since I already had this domain I thought it would be best to move the promo for my book, “William & Mary: A Novel” to www.andreazuvich.com/promo and use the main page for my blog.

Why switch from my old WordPress account? Well, I wanted more flexibility and more customisation. Now I have fonts and a background as I had previously envisaged. There will be gradual changes to this blog as I get more accustomed to the CSS code (it’s harder than HTML), so please bear with me and we’ll see how it goes.

In 2013/14, I’m hoping to offer Stuart London Tours with the 17th Century Lady and open an e-commerce site dedicated to all things Early Modern era.

Thanks for your support and for reading.

As my friend Vlad Quigley says, “Baroque n’roll!” 😉

Please contribute thy thoughts!

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