Giveaway time!!!

That’s right!!! I’ve decided to do our first giveaway. I went to Buckingham Palace last week and bought two copies of Robe Magazine (which is awesome, you’ll love it) and so I want to give one of them away. You need only comment below and each entry will be entered and the winner will be chosen by random computer selection.

Here’s what you’ll get if you win FIRST PRIZE:


That’s right, ROBE magazine with cover model Frances Stuart, “His Last Mistress” Notebook AND a signed flyer for “His Last Mistress”!

SECOND PRIZE: One signed flyer of “His Last Mistress” 🙂


To enter, comment below with the answer to this question:

What fascinates you about the 17th century?

Hear ye! 12 thoughts — so far — on “Giveaway time!!!”:

  1. Carmen

    There is much to admire about the 17th century, but what fascinates me are the individual written accounts found in commonplace books. I love that our notion of scrapbooks really took off in the 17th century.

  2. Susan Johnson

    I’m fascinated by the similarities between the USA today and Britain in the 17th century. The unfairness of Sequester … lewdness/Hollywood in a time of very vocal piety … the polarity of politics bringing the country to its knees … top performers dangling their children out of windows (Michael Jackson and Nell Gwynn) … 17th century newsletters are just like blogs, interesting but unreliable … climate change … maybe I should make all these thoughts separate entries, but what the heck. I’d LOVE to win ROBES; it’s hard to compare the artistic excellence of Rembrandt with fine artists today; maybe we need to liken them to photographers. I’m still flabbergasted by the lace and embroidery of some of those robes: Remembering that they were painted wearing their best clothes, I should compare the women to actresses at the Academy Awards. Men today are very dull … it would be nice to see some silk waistcoats and the occasional cravat to spruce them up from time to time. .

  3. Jonathan Willmott

    An age of great social,cultural and polical changes with the country going through enormous upheavals starting with an ageing “Gloriana” and ending with a Dutch King. This coupled with a civil war and the restoration of a popular king as the country got back to its senses – fascinating stuff !!

  4. Kathy Hestand

    I am fascinated by the massive, explosive developments in commerce, science, colonization, exploration, and political thinking that occurred during this century. What a difference between 1600 and 1700!

  5. Richard Warren

    The 17C had it all: flamboyant characters, military geniuses, beautiful women, rationalism, religiosity, conflict, creation, morality, passion. I was born in the wrong age!

  6. Beth Negoita

    Every historical era is unique, but the 17th century stands out quite differently. I am captured by the charm and absolute elegance the fine, exquisite clothing offered to both women and men. The scientifical progresses made freely, liberated of the constraint of religious obscurantism, the warfare and military strategies, wonderful music, that elevates the soul like nothing else, architecture most breathtaking (it did happened to me to burst into tears when visiting Baroque establishments and to remain completely speechless in front of such beauty), manners, grace, beauty, intrigues, love, lust, passion, treason, deceptions… Mostly everything, goods and bads. It is hard to say what exactly draws me to this particular period, it has a mystery aura which surrounds it. We just have to step inside and let ourselves captured by it, and never stop researching. Few people can really understand, and most of all, feel History.

  7. Frances from A Rebel Hand

    It was a turbulent time, not only because of the Civil War and religious conflicts; the modern world was being born. Women – some women – had greater freedom and women writers became less unusual – Aphra Behn, the Duchess of Newcastle, Katherine Philips, Amelia Lanyer, for example. Great discoveries, great cruelty and great splendour. How could you not be fascinated?

  8. CeeJay Britain

    I was originally enchanted by the clothes, but the more I read the more captivated I became by all the interesting personalities. Although I prefer the clothes of the first half of the century, the most interesting people are in the second half. I also enjoy the great explosion of literature during the 2nd half, and all the women willing to try to break out of their traditional roles.

  9. Andrea Zuvich (The 17th Century Lady) Post author

    Wow! Congrats to Frances and Vivienne who have won the two prizes. Thanks to all eleven of you who have shared the wonderful reasons why you are fascinated by the 17th-century! I am sorry you weren’t all able to win something, as some of your contributions were very good, and it was obvious to me how passionate you are about this time period. Do not fear – I hope to have more giveaways in the future! Thanks again for participating, I hope you all have a wonderful day.


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