Exciting times ahead?

I feel the 17th century may soon experience a surge in interest. For far too long, the 1600s, sandwiched in between the ever-popular Tudor era and the sexy Enlightenment/Dangerous Liaisons of the 18th century, has been too readily forgotten about. Perhaps I am being too optimistic, I don’t know, but I  just have this incredible feeling about my favourite time in history.

Anyway, yesterday I went on a meetup with other “Twitterstorians” at the Tower of London and it was wonderful. It’s truly a great feeling to be around like-minded individuals who have an equal amount of passion for history. I feel rejuvenated to know that there are people out there who are as inspired by the past as I am.

Love, love, love – that is the soul of genius. – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

I couldn’t agree more. Without great passion or love for a particular subject, hobby, craft or work, one is unlikely to do it to the best of one’s abilities.

Tomorrow I’ll be in London again, working on that special project some of you already know about and I’m brimming with excitement and anticipation. Once I’ve completed my bit with it, I’ll let you know more about it. But for now, it’s a secret! 😉

It’s an incredible, humbling experience when the time period you’ve devoted hundreds of hours or more to researching begins to see more interest from the general public, which is amazing. I honoured to be able to have the opportunity I have to write and talk about the seventeenth century…and if I can help others get even a little interested in the period, I’ll be well and truly satisfied. So, to now almost one thousand followers on Twitter, and those who follow this new blog, please allow me to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. I appreciate it. 🙂

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