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A Visit to the British Museum

Yesterday morning, I travelled to the British Museum  in the Borough of Holborn, where I attended the anthropological conference Reviewer Meets Reviewed. There was a better turnout than I had expected and the subject was on the ethnographical book entitled Uncertain Vision: Birt, Dyke and the Reinvention of the BBC by Dr. Georgina Born, who I found to… Read on

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The Roman Empire and Cleanliness

During my Sex, Gender and Culture course, I learned from my professor that the American and the Japanese cultures are equal in how they admire cleanliness. I am an American, and yes, I like to wash twice daily, shave, use anti-perspirant on my underarms and I like perfume and I always wash my hands after I use the… Read on

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The Leakey Family

Andrea Zuvich July 2006 The Leakey family has had an enormous effect upon the anthropological community with its vast amounts of research and fossil evidence found in Africa. The prominent members of this family include Louis and his wife, Mary Leakey, and their son Richard, his wife Meave, and their daughter Louise. These five extraordinary people have helped… Read on

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Linguistics and Anthropology

Andrea Zuvich March 3, 2008 Claude Lévi-Strauss’s Linguistics and Anthropology In his work entitled, “Linguistics and Anthropology,” Claude Lévi-Strauss argues that there is a relation between language and culture, but that there isn’t a full relation between both entities. He also states that everything has to be connected to each other; else “the human mind is a kind… Read on

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Eric Wolf’s “Peasantry and Its Problems”

[Note as of October 2012: I have recently been told that several college/university students have been using my work below. Heads up, my paper was uploaded into, so if you are trying to plagiarise, you will be found out, so please don’t even think about it. If you want to use this as a source, ok, but… Read on

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Possible Evidence for Cannibalism?

For our course, Archaeology of the Natives of the Southwestern United States, my fellow wannabe anthropologists and archaeologists are debating over new research which points to cannibalistic activities in the Southwest during the Anasazi dominated period between 900 and 750 C.E. (Common Era). In this article by Rachel Hartigan, archaeologists have found burned human bones which also have… Read on

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Warrior Marks: The Nightmare of Female Genital Mutilation

Synopsis: Warrior marks is a poetic and political film about female genital mutilation which affects one hundred million of the world’s women. This film unlocks some of the cultural, religious and political complexities surrounding this issue. Interviews with women from Senegal, Gambia, Burkina Faso, the United States and England concerned with and affected by genital mutilation are told… Read on

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