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Hi there! Last year, my friend Claire Hobson had planned for a day of history talks to coincide with the 360th anniversary of the Restoration of the Stuart monarchy in 1660 with King Charles II. This event was also going to be a fundraiser for the charity, Mind, for mental health.

Unfortunately, shortly before we were going to do it, the Covid pandemic hit. This year, however, she decided to go ahead and run Restoration360 as an online event and spread it out over several weeks and – just as the original had been planned to be – is in aid of Mind.

Straight from Claire:

From the 360th anniversary of Charles II’s coronation 23rd April 2021 (inclusive) to the 361st Oak Apple Day 29th May 2021 (exclusive), Restoration 360 Online is 36 days of Restoration history, through the wonders of modern technology. Alongside themed posts on social media, the focus is a series of weekend talks by most of the passionate and knowledgeable speakers booked for the original event, and the topics are still as rich and wide-ranging:

2p.m. BST Sunday 25th April 2021 – ‘Providence and Power: Why was the Monarchy Restored in 1660?’ with Dr Jonathan Healey

8p.m. BST Saturday 1st May 2021 – ‘Plague and Hellfire’ with Rebecca Rideal

8p.m. BST Holiday Monday 3rd May 2021 – BONUS TALK: ‘Rebellion Before Restoration’ with Mark Turnbull

2p.m. BST Saturday 8th May 2021 – ‘Pepys and the Navy of Charles II’ with J. D. Davies

2p.m. BST Sunday 16th May 2021 – ‘Making Fiction from Fact: Novelising Childbirth in the Restoration’ with Dr Sara Read

2p.m. BST Saturday 22nd May 2021 – ‘Sex, Love, & Scandal in Restoration Britain’ with Andrea Zuvich (not suitable for under-16s)

Donors are invited to attend the talks and participate in Q&A by video, audio or typing.

No need to book or register – just donate on this page! Talk access details can be found in the receipt sent automatically by email.

I know I’m rather late in posting about this but it’s not too late to see the recordings of the past few talks and there are also two more live online events to go.

Do have a look at the Restoration360 Facebook Page and over on Twitter @RestorationHat where you can see more with #Restoration360Online

See you there!

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