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Hi everyone! I just want to let you know what’s going on regarding my various writing projects.

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Fancy a cuppa?

I’m working on formatting His Last Mistress from ebook to paperback form, and Orland Media, Ltd. is working on creating a logo for me. I designed this with quill and ink, of course, but it’s fiddly to get into computer vectors:

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 20.29.33

I want to use the logo on the jacket cover, so this may take a week or so, but then we will have the books available for purchase in paperback. Fleetwood Public Library here in Lancashire would like to host a book talk and signing, and I’ll let everyone know the date for this.

William & Mary will get due attention after HLM is completely out. I took some sections of HLM from W&M so, now I have to mesh the work together again. Also, I have to get in touch with the Royal Collection to see how much they’ll charge me to use a photograph I took of Mary II:


I really want to incorporate this into my cover design. However, if it’s too expensive, which it probably will be, alas, I’ll have to do something else with the design. I’m aiming to release W&M in September 2013.

For Halloween, I hope to release The Stuart Vampire, which has some historical figures, but will be my least historically accurate book thus far. The two others have been as accurate as possible, but this is a paranormal book, so…beware! But it’s about this chap, Henry, younger brother of Charles II…

Image: www.EnglishMonarchs.co.uk

In February-March, 2014, I hope to release the first of my books about Stuart heartthrob (and winner of the polls on this site and on Facebook), Prince Rupert of the Rhine, which I hope to name simply, “Rupert.”

So many Stuarts, so little time!

Well, that’s all from me at the moment.

I do hope you’ve been enjoying HLM! 🙂

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  1. Richard Endsor

    Dear lady, I likewise live (for the most part) in the seventeenth century and also observe the people, art, architecture, the navy and shipbuilding. My book, Restoration Warship received a Mountbatten award but during my research I discovered many women, not Duchesses but those of the ordinary sort who ran businesses as manufacturers and suppliers or had their husbands rely upon them. Toward this end I intend to write a book possibly titleed The Women of Pepys’s Dockyard perhaps as a joint venture. Please browse my website as we have many common interests.


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