Update: “His Last Mistress” Rights

Hi, folks! It’s been a while since I posted anything other than reviews and guest posts because I spend most of my days running after my toddler (which is a mixture of fun, joy, frustration, and a looooot of cooking and cleaning up).

As of March 1st, 2018 I am no longer published by Endeavour Press. When I was informed that the company was in the process of being liquidated, I – and other Endeavour Press authors – had the choice of continuing with the new offshoot, Endeavour Media, or get my publishing rights back and a) find a new publisher, or b) self-publish. Well, I chose to get all my rights back and so you’ll see it’s not available as an ebook anymore, but you can still get a paperback copy (though I will have to change the cover now asap). That being said, I felt this was a golden opportunity to do another, longer, version that I had originally hoped to do but was confined by the word count stipulated in my contract. Also, I wanted to be able to have the rights to do the audiobook, from which I was contractually prohibited, but now I can. So, yay! That being said, I am very grateful to Endeavour Press, especially Richard Foreman, for being the first publishers to take an interest in and publish my work. I will always be grateful for this.

Also, it looks as though my family and I will be on the move again within the next few months, so I better get my act together and write posts about the seventeenth-century history of the local area here in Shropshire, including Stokesay Castle, Ludlow Castle, and Hopton Castle. And I recently found that I live about 10 minutes away from where Brilliana Harley lived in Brampton Bryan – but that’s apparently only open to the public on a couple of days in the autumn, so we’ll see about that. One of the good things about being married to a contractor is that we do have to move every couple of years or so, and I get to see parts of the UK I would probably not have been able to visit otherwise.

my friend, history writer Julian humphrys recently visited.

Although my days are taken with the running of the household, I’m still very much active with my research and writing: reading, plotting, editing, and I have so many ideas in my head which I hope I’ll be able to form into interesting stories for you. I do regularly read my emails, and I have received several from my readers – and for those who have asked about my William and Mary novel, I am so very sorry for the delay but I hope it will be worth it (and two literally agents have expressed interest in it!).

Also, I am working on a screenplay of Forever Amber, and several other novels, including one on Guy Fawkes (yeah, I know, but you may be pleasantly surprised). In all likelihood, there’s going to be a long wait and then you’ll get bombarded with new books from me – so hold on to your periwigs!

I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend!

All the best.

A x



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  1. David Davies

    I’m going to be posting something slightly similar on Monday – about the fallout from the Endeavour situation, that is. But I’d definitely urge you to see as much of Shropshire as you can, while you can! Big wave to the Seventeenth Century Toddler, too.

  2. Sarah Johnson

    One door closes, three windows open. I know you and your contractor husband will figure out how to turn at least one of them into another doorway. Our world is changing rapidly, and you are keeping up, baby and all (from whom you will draw inspiration for new and expanded books). ONWARDS!


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