The Royal Observatory

We went to the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, and it was a wonderful experience. Anyone who loves the Seventeenth Century and science must come here if they can!

We were lucky that the weather was good for the outing. It’s quite a trek going up the hill like we did, but great for the old legs! Greenwich is an amazing part of London to go to, it’s like a little town, with amazing places for history – besides the Royal Observatory, there is the National Maritime Museum, The Old Royal Naval College, The Queen’s House, and more.

At this historic spot, however, visitors learn about John Flamsteed in a tour of John Flamsteed House. Who was Flamsteed? He was the first Astronomer Royal, who worked first for King Charles II, who was also one of the first members of the Royal Society. This chap was pretty special because, during the course of his work, he catalogued thousands of stars.

The Merry Monarch, Charles II, is on the left!

The most popular bit is unquestionably the Meridian Courtyard where visitors love to pose for photos with one foot on either side of the Greenwich Meridian Line. You can see a bit of it in the photo above. The interior of Flamsteed House is very dark, and I couldn’t get many photos because of this and I believe no flash photography was permitted. Fair enough.

Yep, that’s Charles II’s painting on the left!

Modern technology that Flamsteed would have been impressed with!

The photo above is of the famous 28-inch telescope.

Atop the hill where the Observatory is, with a certain Old Royal Naval College in the background.

It’s a beautiful, information-packed place to visit – so, please, if you can, do!

For more information on how to visit, and what’s on, please check out:

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