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Ok, ok, so this is not really 17th century, but this dish is a traditional English food. And it is so yummy and fattening and horribly perfect for winter. These photos are from 2008, but it’s the only time I’ve photographed the process (well, bits of it). I don’t make it anymore as I have stopped eating pork,… Read on

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How Chivalry in the Middle Ages Inspired Victorian England

Andrea Zuvich 11-24-03 You know him, that devastatingly handsome knight-in-shining-armour. The way the golden rays of the summer sun caress each lock of his hair, the way his eyes cut into your very soul the way his glinting sword can cut through flesh, and the majesty he exudes upon his fantastically decorated noble steed. Ah, yes, the golden… Read on

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