The Birth of Queen Mary II

That beauteous, intelligent, sensitive woman, Mary Stuart, who later became Queen Mary II of England, Scotland, and Ireland, was born on this day 30th of April, 1662.

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Her mother was Anne Hyde, a commoner who had become the Duchess of York upon marrying James, Duke of York, younger brother to Charles II.

The birth took place at St. James’s Palace, and naturally, people expected a son. When the babe came out, wailing, it was no son, but a daughter. This was no cause for great celebration, and few people came to visit the Duchess as she recovered.

Her father, James, was a loving father, though not loving enough to stay faithful to her mother!

Mary was followed about three years later by her sister, Anne, in 1665.

Anne would become Queen after the reign of William & Mary, becoming the last Stuart monarch. When Mary was fifteen, she was married to her first cousin, William III of the House of Orange-Nassau (in the Dutch Republic).

Speaking of the Dutch Republic, it just so happens that today The Netherlands welcomed a new king. Long live King William-Alexander!


As for my book about William & Mary, now that Monmouth is soon to be out there, I can turn my attention back to finishing it. I’m so sorry it’s taken so long!Mary_II_after_William_Wissing

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