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Book Review: “The Real Guy Fawkes” by Nick Holland

After having read Antonia Fraser’s great book on the Gunpowder Plot, I wanted to read a biography of Guy Fawkes. Unfortunately, I waded through several of those cheap and inaccurate (and, therefore, largely ultimately worthless) Kindle biographies of Guy Fawkes, and was left rather annoyed. Happily, I came across Nick Holland’s book on NetGalley, which I only recently… Read on

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Reviews: Four 17th-century history books

Good day to you! I’ve been reading a lot, as usual, and these are some of my reviews of the recent books about 17th-century history that I’ve read, which may be of interest to you as well. Mark Kishlansky’s Charles I: An Abbreviated Life What a breath of fresh air was this book! All the time, one hears… Read on

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‘The Stuarts in 100 Facts’ is now available to pre-order!

Hi, Everyone! I hope this finds you all well. I had quite a nice surprise yesterday when I checked my Amazon profile – I saw that 100 Facts is available to pre-order now, and the cover image features Prince William II of Orange. Although not a Stuart himself, he married one (Mary Stuart, Princess Royal and Princess of… Read on

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Remember, Remember the Fifth of November!

Tonight, here in the United Kingdom, we will celebrate what is known as “Bonfire Night.” This is where we traditionally celebrate the thwarted attempt of Catholic plotters in what’s called The Gunpowder Plot, on 5th November, 1605. The most famous of these plotters was Guy, or Guido, Fawkes. The others were: John Wright, Thomas Wintour, Sir Ambrose Rookwood, Thomas Percy, Robert Keyes, Thomas Bates, Robert Wintour, Christopher… Read on

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