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Restoration Sallets

Salads, or sallats/sallets, are lovely and usually really healthy, and the information we have from the late 1600s showed their increasing popularity upon the Restoration table. The most rudimentary study of the history salads would lead one to John Evelyn’s Acetaria, which was first published in 1699. This was an extraordinary book, pretty much the first of its… Read on

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Ok, ok, so this is not really 17th century, but this dish is a traditional English food. And it is so yummy and fattening and horribly perfect for winter. These photos are from 2008, but it’s the only time I’ve photographed the process (well, bits of it). I don’t make it anymore as I have stopped eating pork,… Read on

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Tudor Kitchens at Hampton Court Palace

In the half of Hampton Court that remains from the Tudor period, there are the world-famous kitchens. Built around 1530, these kitchens were a hub of food preparation activity for over 230 years. Today, food historians and re-enactors sometimes cook historical Tudor fare in front of interested visitors, and it’s wonderful. We all know that Henry VIII had… Read on

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