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De Gouden Eeuw Series

Love the Dutch Golden Age? Then you will love the new documentary series entitled, “De Gouden Eeuw,” which will be broadcasted beginning tonight in The Netherlands. I was delighted to have been asked to participate in this major documentary, and should appear in what I believe is the last episode of the series – Episode 13, where I… Read on

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Beautiful Scene – Scent of a Woman

What woman wouldn’t want to be whisked onto a dancefloor to dance the irresistably sensuous Tango? I sure couldn’t refuse. Music by Carlos Gardel titled, “Por Una Cabeza.”

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Review of “The Killing Fields”

Andrea Zuvich 19th November 2006 The Killing Fields Torture, Murder, dehumanization- the Khmer Rouge’s infamous practices are known with horror throughout much of the world. The genocide of over two million men, women and children[1] has gone down in history as one of the most brutal examples of it in the twentieth century. The film entitled The Killing… Read on

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