Ross, Brand and the BBC

Brand and Ross

Two Foul-Mouthed Men

During my recent stay in London, I observed an appalling public scandal unfold which highlighted how badly society had deteriorated. I refer to the Ross and Brand phone call stunt to Jonathan Sachs. Live on air, these two miscreants phoned Mr. Sachs and distastefully spoke of how Brand had slept with Sach’s granddaughter. Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand were acting like two cretins: joking, giggling and being perverse the whole time.

Many people were outraged by this stunt, and rightly so, but the BBC took its time while it “investigated” the matter. There was no reason to investigate anything – those two pathetic excuses for men should have been sacked immediately.

Brand is a notorious womanizer, whose appeal comes undoubtedly from his celebrity status and not from any personal merits or charm. (And personally, I think he looks like a serial killer). Ross is smug and disgusting and again behaved intolerably when he interviewed Gwyneth Paltrow and vulgarly stated how he’d like to have sex with her. Both men, I needn’t point out, are not gentlemen, and if I had been in Paltrow’s position, I’d have just slapped him and walked off the set.

Ross and Brand are two examples of how bad values and a decadent lifestyle is celebrated, even admired, by many people today. The mere fact that Brand’s tour was successful after the stunt just further proves how decadent society is.

These men are not young, they are far old enough to know that they should act maturely and that fame comes with responsibility. These two do not deserve fame or infamy, they only deserve to be forgotten about and ostracized.

Also, Shakespeare is probably rolling in his grave because Brand was given a big role in The Tempest. Unspeakable!

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