Debate: Is Britain Indifferent to Beauty?

"La Nascita de Venere" di Botticelli

This link, which goes to a debate on Intelligence Squared, is quite interesting. And whilst I rarely agree with Germaine Greer, I did agree with her about the beauty of the countryside. I am, however, most in agreement with David Starkey and Roger Scruton’s opinions about the matter. The latter is shown in the following link:
I believe Mr. Scruton’s use of the photos of Kate Moss and Botticelli’s Venus were very good examples of the decline that has been seen in standard’s of what is considered beautiful. He did this,”to demonstrate how British perceptions of beauty had declined to the “level of our crudest appetites and our basest needs” (wikipedia). I agree. Women are considered attractive now if they can inspire lust in a man. But, women used to be considered beautiful by how they inspired men to create, achieve and better themselves. We don’t see that now, sadly.

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  1. Lisa H

    While I agree with Scruton’s general opinion on form and function, I find him immensely obnoxious in his attempt to present his personal standard of beauty as the only “right” one.

    Beauty cannot only be found in the old masters and fey gardens. Beauty can be found in a graffiti, in a computer game, a machine. It can be found in a derelict factory or a building made of steel and glass.

    Beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places, and I pity those who dare not look at it, recognise or acknowledge it outside their cosy comfort zone.

    They do not know what they’re missing.


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