Guest Posts

The Seventeenth Century Lady has had the honour of hosting guest posts from some of the most respected 17th-century historians, Baroque orchestras, historical fiction writers, and academics in the world.

Academy of Ancient Music: “Vermeer and Music”

Adrian Tinniswood: “Mary Martin of Boston”

Anna Belfrage: “Falling in Love with Mr. Unknown”

Christy K. Robinson: “The 17th Century, World Without End”

Ella March Chase: “A Villainous Courtship: George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham and Lady Katherine Manners.”

JD Davies: “Masters, Commanders, and Courtesans: Fictionalising the Restoration Navy”

Julian Kingston: “Build the Lenox”

London Baroque: “English Baroque Music”

Richard Endsor: “Women During the Reign of Charles II”

Rob Benbow: “The Admiral Benbow Statue Campaign”

Samuel McLean: “Why I Love the 17th-Century Royal Navy”

Sara Read: “Menstruation and Female Bleeding in Seventeenth-Century England”

Sunday Baroque: “What is it about Baroque Music that is so Appealing?”