Lessons to learn from “The Young Victoria”

I have just returned home from watching “The Young Victoria” for the second time and I have again been moved deeply.

The Young Victoria

The Young Victoria

I do love period films generally, but this one in particular moved me so because of the relatively accurate historical content and the unmistakeably beautiful true love story.  I suppose this is typical of “elegant females” but I am proud to be a feminine lady and to have my taste in art and films.

I do grieve deeply, however, over what I view to be the loss of elegance, grace, innocence and goodness in society. I hoped against hope that men were decent and women ladylike, but from experience I see most are not. For we live in a dog-eat-dog world (alas!) where villains and decadent swine are admired and emulated instead of worthy people who have manners, intellect and, above all else, a conscience.

I grieve immensely over what I feel is (and observe to be ) a sharp decline in good manners, morals and personal responsibility. Why have so many people succumbed to lives of decadence and immorality? We should be striving to better ourselves more and more with each day that passes in our lives, we cannot fall backwards into a cesspit of a dark age again. We cannot allow ourselves to.

I truly hope that young men especially will take note of Prince Albert’s excellent character in this film and try to emulate him instead of drunken, partygoing louts that are celebrated in our corrupt (and proud of it) age. Men like Prince Albert were respected and admired, and for good reason. I wept at the cinema tonight, not only because of the beauty of the film, but because I am sorry for modern mankind and womankind. I am sorry at the state we are in now, and sorry that our children have to be brought into such a world that we have created.

Since I was a young girl I wished to be a good, decent woman. I do not strive to hurt anyone wilfully and I want always to be respected. I often ask myself why so many others do not try to be good as well. Anyway, all I can write is how I shall continue to strive to better myself, to be decent, respectable, ladylike and good, no matter how “uncool” the dimmies may deem me. I learn my lessons from the past, from noble persons who contributed much to the world like Victoria and Albert did. And I believe it is everyone’s duty to do thus.

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