10,000 Years B.C.

Andrea Zuvich

14 March 2008

Having viewed this film last night, I must start by saying how atrocious it was. If the reader will bear with me, I shall in the following paragraphs catalogue the multitude of historical and anthropological errors the film-makers have made. (Aside from the film’s many factual errors it also featured some frightful hair styles, and for this reason also I advise people not contribute to its takings at the box office).

Also, there were many historical inaccuracies which caused me to laugh out loud several times. One notable case had to do with the highly unrealistic animal-human interactions represented in the film (including a sabre-toothed tiger not eating the main character, when in any real situation; such a large carnivorous predator would not refrain from eating such a tasty morsel as a human may be). Although anatomically modern humans arrived in Europe between 45,000-35,000 years ago.

At one point, we see the building of the pyramids, which to anyone with any knowledge of history, can be seen as ridiculous. The pyramids were built by the Egyptians who had a much more advanced civilization in comparison to the hunter-gatherers that were a) from an earlier period in time, and b) were incapable of building such monuments.

On a more humourous note, the people represented seemed far less hirsute than one would imagine an early human to be. It is true, however, that we cannot be certain about the hair distribution on early humans. Nevertheless, this cannot explain why the film-makers decided to use modern-day facial hair styles like the goatee.

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